22 Oktober 2010

Public Speaking: Contoh Pidato

Topic : Education
Topic Area : The important things of multimedia system in learning English to the first Learners
Audience : Government, Teachers, Parents, Students, गेनेराल

Introduction :
Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlement . . . .
Honorable, Indonesian Chemistry of education . . . .
Honorable, All of the Governors of Indonesian . . . .
Honorable, All of Rectors, and the delegation of Teachers and the Students in Indonesia
Excellency, All of Audiences whom I love . . . .
First of all, let’s pray and Thanks unto Allah SWT who has given us mercies and Blessing so we can attend and gather with good condition and situation
Secondly my Sholawat and Salam always be given to our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has guide us from the darkness to the lightness, from the stupidity to the cleverness, from Jahiliyah era to Islamiyah era, namely Islamic religion
Standing in front of you all, I would like to deliver my speech by the title “The important things of multimedia system in learning English”
Contens :
Well happy audiences. . . .
we have known and realized that today we are facing the globalizations era that a must for us to know all about English language and we have to be able to speak English, so that way why we meet in this place for making an agreement for the ways of learning English for our next generation.
As we know gather, that the students have perception that English has difficulties to be understood. This perception is caused the teacher has a monotone way to teach English to them, that is a wrong perception, most of teacher usually give a lesson to the students by reading book, speaking in front of the class without any understanding about English, sometimes the teachers also do not know how to give English learning to the students. So that way, I deliver my speech about learning English by using multimedia system.
Happy brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen . . . . .
Multimedia is an easy system for the teachers teach the students, we should use the multimedia system in this globalization era. This way is use full for us. Using multimedia can make the students interested in learning English, in multimedia, the students will be showed the interesting pictures and the vocabularies, the easy practice of English pronunciation and etc. Beside that, this way can make the students always to remember, it means that the vocabularies will be easy to remember and understand. This is a good way for learning English, especially for introducing the English to the students in elementary school as the first learners.
To make that dreams come true, the government in every city should make a commitment and give facilities to the school in their cities by giving multimedia item. This way, I mean using multimedia system in learning English will be use full in the future!
Well Happy Audiences . . . .
I think that all my speech, thanks for your attentions; I hope it can be use full for us in the future. The last I say Wassalamu’alaikum.wr.wb


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  1. I'll take this for my public speaking competition , okey ? Thanks for the Paragraph .